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Papa's Taco Mia! Debutant
Alternative Styles
Xandra B.png Xandra - New Year.png Xandra - Halloween.png Xandra - Easter.png Xandra C.png Xandra D.png
Info Relatives
Gender Female Xolo (brother)
Edna (foster mother)
Flipdeck 150
Occupation N/A
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
Closer Papa's Taco Mia! Papa's Freezeria Papa's Pancakeria Papa's Burgeria HD Papa's Burgeria To Go! Papa's Freezeria HD Papa's Freezeria To Go! Papa's Taco Mia HD
Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Xandra is a female customer who makes her first appearance as a closer in Papa's Taco Mia!

Flipdeck Info

Xandra and her twin brother, Xolo, were born within the mystical Kingdom of X. There, they were to be raised as the next generation of royal guardians for the magical Warp Coins. Throughout the long corridors of the kingdom, these coins emblazoned doorways to every location within the Flipverse. The twins were safely cared for by the pint-sized Xeppers, who were the peaceful inhabitants of the kingdom. Following tradition, Xandra and Xolo’s royal coronation would have happened at age 10, when they would have received the royal X-Wands.


Xandra has messy orange hair, thick bushy orange eye brows, and different colored eye shadows on either eye. One of her eyes is bigger then the other. She wears a torn yellow shirt with a big black "X" sewn on the front and a pink ruffled tutu. She wears rainbow-colored striped pants and white shoes tied in yellow laces.

During Easter, she wears a yellow shirt with a white "X" sewn on the front and a white tutu. She wears pink and blue-striped tights and a pair of bunny ears are clipped in her hair.

During New Year, she wears a rainbow-colored striped shirt and a black tutu with her rainbow pants. In Papa's Bakeria, her New Year clothes are changed. Her black tutu with stars and she has black shoes with black laces and rainbow-colored heels.


  • Her order in Papa's Hot Doggeria is even larger than Big Pauly's order, making her order the largest In the game. Her order is the only one to fill up the entire order ticket.
  • In Pancakeria, she is the only customer who orders milk with something other than cocoa (she orders milk with ice).
    • She is also the only closer to order milk.
  • In Freezeria, she and Mindy have the same building combination.
  • She usually orders things that are unlocked very late in the games.
  • When she is a closer, she usually comes in the day before Jojo does (Pay Day).
  • She's the only customer to dress differently in two holidays (Easter and New Year), not including closers.
  • She and her brother were adopted by Edna.
  • She is the last customer to debut in Papa's Taco Mia! to get a Flipdeck bio.
  • During New Year, Xandra carries her X-Wand from Papa Louie 2.
  • Her Flipdeck is the last one of 2015.
  • She and Xolo were taken care by the Xeppers in the X Kingdom until they were sent to Edna.

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