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Wylan B
FFXIV Sushiria Icon
Wylan B
Alternative Styles
Wylan B B
Info Relatives
Gender Male
Flipdeck ---
Occupation N/A
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Wylan B (or Wylan Bombolony) is a male customer who first appeared in Papa's Sushiria.


Wylan B has side-swept blond hair covered by a purple and white hat with a Derps design. He wears a blue shirt underneath a lavender parka, golden chain bracelets and a golden Derps necklace. He has purple pants, a golden milkshake belt buckle and golden shoes with blue laces, purple stripes and a black sole. He also has a lip piercing.


  • On Papa's Sushiria, he does a glitch were he not close his eyes, even if the animation he in acts calls for it.
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