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Alternative Styles
Wally B
Info Relatives
Gender Male
Flipdeck 2
Occupation Retired
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Wally is a male customer who first appeared in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Tastyville
Occupation: Retired
Loves: Anchovies
Hates: Computers

Wally is one of Papa Louie's original customers. He quietly lives in an apartment above Papa's Pizzeria. Wally's all time favorite topping is Anchovies. If he could, Wally would order a double anchovy burger in Papa's Burgeria. For now, he will have to stick with pizzas to get his fishy fix.


Wally is an old man with light skin, light gray hair in each side, wears a pair of brown eyeglasses, a red shirt with a brown vest with light-colored triangles, blue pants, and brown shoes with brown laces and soles.


  • Wally is the first Papa Louie character to have a Flipdeck.
  • He favors sea-themed holidays such as Pirate Bash (Cupcakeria) and Neptune's Feast (Pastaria).
    • He also like seafoods like anchovies and shrimp.
  • He appears to like blueberries, as he orders them whenever they are available.
  • He is the only customer in Pizzeria To Go! to order only one topping on their pizzas, namely anchovies.
  • He is no longer unlocked on Rank 15 starting Papa's Cupcakeria.
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