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  1. ☀Hello everyone, now I will tell you 16 things about me:Template:ISELA VARELA

º I love anime

º I love CD9 a lot

ºI love horror movies

º My favorite movie is ANNABELLE

º In my free time drawing, singing, playing papa louie

º I love any type of music

º I love Timm's character so much, that's why I chose quinntina to be his wife

º When I do not understand the English task I look for it in the translator

º Senpai (ホ ル ヘ) and I go to the wiki the same day

º some cartoon movies make me cry

º For the first time defeat Radley Madish

º I have a younger brother than I barely knew him after 14 years

º I have a phobia phobia

º I confess I have another name but I never said it, my name is yaksi isela

º If I were out of the game my parents would be Quinn and Jojo AND MY SERIOUS BOYFRIEND TIMM OR BRODY

º I love to dance

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