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Tony Solary
FFXIV Burgeria Icon
Alternative Styles
Tony B
Info Relatives
Gender Male
Flipdeck 83
Occupation (real life) Co-founder of Flipline Studios
(Papa series) Papa's Donuteria worker
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Tony Solary is the co-owner of Flipline Studios along with Matt Neff. His avatar represents him in the games and in many other aspects of the Flipline Studios' website. As a customer, he makes his first appearance in Papa's Burgeria. He is the male worker in Papa's Donuteria.

Flipdeck Info

Home Town: Ohio
Loves: Hyper Green
Hates: Giving speeches

Tony Solary grew up in the far off town of Cleveland. Having a fondness for drawing, he attended the Cleveland Institute of Art where he met Matt Neff and soon started Flipline Studios. Tony now spends most of his days making games, reading comics, and playing with his twin daughters, Sidney and Jordan.


Tony has a orange striped shirt with a hood and with a brown-orangish jacket, has dark blue pants, and black shoes. His hair changes in most of the games he is in. Beginning with Papa's Wingeria, he sports a black jacket an orange & brown striped hoodie, with brown shoes.


  • He, Gremmie, and Hugo have the same Build Station combinations and blend speeds in Papa's Freezeria.
  • He is the first customer to order a rare patty in Burgeria.
  • His favorite customer, according to a Q&A, is Edoardo Romano. [1]
  • He is the first real person to have a Flipdeck bio. 
  • His flipdeck background is the same as Kingsley except that the wall is facing right on his Flipdeck.
  • He changes his appearance several times throughout each game, his most recent change was in Papa's Donuteria.
  • In Papa's Freezeria, he comes in after the tutorial.
  • His username on the Flipline Forum is Flipline_Tony.
  • His style B is his old outfit from Papa's Pancakeria
  • He and Mandi's orders always stay the same in Papa's Freezeria To Go! and HD.
  • There is a mistake on his profile in Bakeria, saying that he doesn't have a flipdeck, even though he does.
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