• Dear Luis Angel,

    I'm Eros233. I'm read new Luis Angel page and looked your profile. 1) You are a High School Student. 2) Your occupation is Student 3) You still can't married your girlfriend (You already high school student you can't marry. You are so young to mariage) and you have a son!? What I understand? Please answer me, Guys seriously, Just me noticed this!? WHY MY NAME IS EROS!?

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    • The character don't have the real info of me. He is based on me, but don't have the same bio than me. Actually I'm a student at the univerisity, I'm not married and don't have a son.

      My character, have bio at past, present and future perspective, this is from my fan-fic named "Hooked on Classic" who I worked around 4 years ago there I create a history about my actually past, my actual present who I spected (which don't matched totally with my real present) and a future totally fictional where appears the info who you already know and more.

      I don't finished that fan-fic so many of the info are totally at "stand by". I had it at Wattpad who you can search if you want.

      Also, he is not the only character who have the same case with their info.

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