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The Romano Family Quartet is a four-person family music band that includes: founder Little Edoardo on the bongos, wheelman Gino Romano on the standup bass, frontwoman Bruna Romano on the accordion, and the youngest, Carlo Romano, on the mandolin. They reside in the town of Portallini.


  • Their first single, "A Walk in the Field" is a classic country song. Hugo's copy of the song holds a special place in his record collection.
  • They are credited with performing the background music in all of the Papa Louie games.
  • After walking alongside the other customers in the first parade (Papa's Pancakeria), they now stand on the roof of their tour bus.
  • Almost all of the songs they made are set in music keys of C and G.
  • In most of the games, at least one Romano is a time customer:
  • The four Romanos all order Italian Sausage in Hot Doggeria.
  • All of the Romano Family Quartet members have the same background on their flipdecks.
  • Their tour posters can be used to decorate the lobby of both the Papa's Burgeria and Papa's Taco Mia!.
  • A formal portrait has been used to decorate the lobbies of other restaurants (and earn better tips from the Romanos).

The Romano Family Tree

"Little" Edoardo Romano - Giordana Romano (deceased) - Olga Romano

Giacomo "Gigante" Romano (deceased) - Florentina Romano