Tastyville is a big city where Papa's Pizzeria, Papa Louie's first restaurant, is located with Papa’s Pizzeria Apartments right above it. Pauly's Pepper, owned by Big Pauly, opened right next door to the Pizzeria. The Cloudberry Beauty Salon, run by Vicky and Mindy, is across the street. Tastyville is also home to Griller Stadium, where all 13 of the league's baseball teams play, and where Papa's Hot Doggeria is located. It is also home to the Tastyville Fluffmart.

Tastyville is home to both the Tastyville Tomatoes baseball team and the Tastyville Cold Cuts hockey team. [1]

Tastyville is host to the annual Tastyville Rib Cook-Off that was mentioned on Bertha's flipdeck. [2]



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