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Steak and Jake
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Release Date September 3, 2010
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The Expendables 8-bit Steak and Jake: Midnight March

Steak and Jake is a puzzle/strategy game by Flipline Studios. It is about a clumsy cow named Steak and his friend Jake, a bird who can change colors, who both end up in various lands selling milk to Chicken Buddies, while at the same time avoiding Coco and Crow, their worst enemies, who sell chocolate milk. The player controls Jake, changing colors to create and remove platforms, or defeat enemies to clear the trail. Jake can also bring Cow Cash or Cookies to Steak for some bonus points.

Official Description

Steak and Jake have one job, to deliver the freshest milk this side of Mooner Ranch. Although Steak the cow is clumsy, he is strong and makes a great bottle of milk. Outside of driving, Jake the bird has one extra trick up his sleeve, color changing. This allows him to fill and interact with similar colored items and baddies. Together, they will travel the world delivering milk to all the lactose tolerant chickens they can find. Travel through hundreds of levels across 30 worlds, alternating between a variety of game styles. Protect Steak from the milk bandits, help the Cookie Scouts deliver their cookies, fight off the local baddies in boss battles, and race against the Cocoa Cow before he delivers his chocolate milk to your customers! Players will unlock Challenges and Milk Races that can be repeated, and will be scored at the end of each level based on Color Points, Cow Cash, and cookies eaten along the way.

Locations and Local Enemies

  1. Mooner Ranch          Local Enemy: Mooner
  2. Pinecone Path           Local Enemy: Conestep
  3. Cloudpuff Park          Local Enemy: Cottonbeak
  4. Bisonburg                  Local Enemy: Busyburg
  5. Mudskip Bog             Local Enemy: Bogbagger
  6. Jelly Grove                Local Enemy: Jellybloom
  7. Dusty Desert            Local Enemy: Cactigraw
  8. Opal Gorge              Local Enemy: Huebug
  9. Honey Hive              Local Enemy: Stripejacket
  10. Jungle Junction         Local Enemy: Warback
  11. Lava Lane                Local Enemy: Emberbreak
  12. Corny Cove              Local Enemy: Scaresack
  13. Bamboo Bay             Local Enemy: Halfshell
  14. Fungi Forest            Local Enemy: Scorecap
  15. Tundra Trail            Local Enemy: Snowcap
  16. Autumn Pass           Local Enemy: Oakenstag
  17. Stone Mesa             Local Enemy: Rokling
  18. Slimy Swamp           Local Enemy: Glumslug
  19. Riptide Beach         Local Enemy: Beachbum
  20. Sunset City            Local Enemy: Pardner
  21. Rosewood Run        Local Enemy: Rosebud
  22. Creamy Meadow      Local Enemy: Hatchback
  23. Strawberry Stretch      Local Enemy: Strawchuck
  24. Glacier Gulch             Local Enemy: Icebit
  25. Hoodoo Canyon       Local Enemy: Cactoon
  26. Tombstone Hollow       Local Enemy: Bedspread
  27. Tangerine Trek       Local Enemy: Citrishock
  28. Snowy Slopes         Local Enemy: Snowbuddy
  29. Yakety Ruins         Local Enemy: Yakety Guard
  30. Milky Way              Local Enemy: Comsoknight


  • The Cookie Scouts in this game were the inspiration for Yippy, a female customer in the Gamerias.
  • On December 18, 2014, there was a Flipline Rewind.[2]
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