Sky Ninja Returns
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Month of Celebration August
Unlocked with Ninjoy
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Sky Ninja Returns is a holiday celebrated in Papa's Donuteria when a player reaches Rank 61 in the game. Upon reaching this holiday in the game, Ninjoy makes her first appearance as well.

The badge "Sky Ninja Returns" is earned when all the Sky Ninja Returns holiday-exclusive ingredients are unlocked.

Customers bring nunchaku (chainsticks) to celebrate the holiday.

Customers who like this holiday

Sky Ninja Returns-Exclusive Ingredients


  • It's dedicated to the return of the Sky Ninja roller coaster, which broke down in the introduction of Papa's Donuteria.
  • The ingredients are from Japan and/or are Japanese inspired.
  • This is the second holiday to have a special event in it.
  • Menu items such as Matcha Drizzle and Azuki appear as Holiday Exclusives for other holidays in later game.
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