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Alternative Styles
Shannon B
Info Relatives
Gender Female
Flipdeck 77
Occupation Investigative Reporter for Nowtime News
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Shannon is a female customer who first appeared in Papa's Hot Doggeria.

Flipdeck Info

Shannon is an investigative reporter for Nowtime News. She went to Tastyville to track down the source of counterfeit tickets being sold near Griller Stadium. Shannon quickly refocused her attention on the disappearance of 28 people attending a Free Burger Day promotion at Papa's Burgeria. During the ordeal she interviewed several key witnesses who saw strange individuals lurking around town the night before.


Shannon has a blonde hair, wears a brown hat and black-rimmed glasses, blue eyeliner, and a blue coat over a red and white plaid shirt with cuffs at the ends. She carries a camera, a notepad, and a pencil in the pockets of her coat. She wears black pants and dark tan shoes with black soles and laces.


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