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Alternative Styles Relatives
Santa B N/A
Gender Male
Flipdeck 133
Occupation Jolly Old Elf
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Cookies Lumps of Coal

Santa is a male customer who makes his first appearance in Papa's Cupcakeria.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown:The North Pole
Loves: Cookies
Hates: Lumps of Coal
Occupation: Jolly Old Elf

During Christmas, this jolly old elf is extremely busy delivering presents to good girls and boys. However, Santa can't help stopping by his favourite restaurants to grab a quick bite to eat. His boundless appetite allows him to eat endless stacks of Christmas cookies while still having room for a festive cupcake and a heaping plate of pasta.


Santa has long, bushy white hair and beard and wears his usual, red and white outfit.


  • Yippy has seen Santa deliver presents to her house.
  • In Papa's Cupcakeria, there is a badge called "Lump of Coal" where you must burn Santa's cupcakes. He'll give a good score if the other stations are high enough; burning cupcakes gives 76-80% on the baking station.
  • After making his first appearance during the Christmas holiday in Cupcakeria, Santa will make random appearances at the Cupcakeria during other holidays.
    • In Papa's Pastaria onward, Santa only visits during the Christmas holiday, starting out as a silver medal customer on his first visit.
  • Outside of Christmas, he will have a non-holiday based order, even though he will not show up during those times.
  • Due to the absence of holidays in these app games: Papa's Freezeria HD/To Go!, Papa's Wingeria HD, Papa's Pizzeria To Go!, Santa is not included as one of the customers in these games.
  • He is the first Cupcakeria debutant to receive a Flipdeck.
  • The 2014 Christmas Holiday picture shows that he uses a Warp Coin to go to other places.
  • Santa is the only customer to favor Christmas in all games that feature holidays.
  • He is the first customer to have a holiday theme.
  • As of Sushiria, Santa can be given coupons, which will allow him to visit the restaurant even outside of Christmas.
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