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Professor Fitz
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Professor Fitz
Alternative Styles
Professor Fitz B
Info Relatives
Gender Male
Flipdeck 96
Occupation Scientist
Owner of Gigaloaf Labs
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
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Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Professor Fitz聽is a male customer who first appeared as a closer in Papa's Wingeria.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Starlight City
Loves: Wasabi
Hates: Schedules
Occupation: Scientist

Professor Fitz is an eccentric scientist who runs Gigaloaf Labs. Within the walls of his laboratory, Fitz carries on a wide variety of research and development ranging from exotic food additives to mechanical contraptions. Fitz earned his first doctorate at the prestigious Truffleton University where he now gives highly enthusiastic lectures. Lately, Fitz has been studying the strange properties of warp coins.


Professor Fitz is a male who wears a dark black-buttoned shirt underneath a white lab coat, green pants, a green bow tie, and green gloves with black buttons on the sides. He sports slightly cracked black glasses with green shades, and black shoes with white fronts and green laces.

Professor Fitz has tall, spiky dark grey hair with white highlights, thick grey eyebrows and goatee. He dons a jet gray shirt with black buttons underneath a white lab coat. He wears a matching olive green pants, bow tie, and gloves. He also wears a cracked green-shaded glasses and black and white shoes with green laces.

Professor Fitz has tall, spiky dark grey hair with a highlight of white hair. He has thick grey eyebrows and a grey goatee.


  • He appears in the "You Need Flash" picture if you need flash to play the games.
  • His glasses are broken if you look closely.聽
  • Some of his orders are very green.
  • He and Radley Madish are very similar. If you defeat Radley with Fitz in Papa Louie 2, you'll get the Mad Scientists badge.
  • Both he and Radley Madish use beaker bombs as weapons.
  • In Freezeria To Go!, he orders the most toppings out of all characters with 3 Waffle Wedges, and 3 Bananas. (6 items)
  • Before green peppers are unlocked in Wingeria, he has the simplest, shortest order ever (just 3 BBQ/Atomic wings).
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