Portallini is a fictional location in the world of Papa Louie's series of time-management games.

Portallini is one of the oldest towns around. Many people come from all around to explore the ancient canalways aboard the iconic gondolas that drift along the crystal blue waters. [1]

It is the home of Papa's Pastaria. Some of the other shops along the canals are the Ricotta Inn, the Chicory Caf茅, and Crystal's View.

Portallini is the hometown for The Romano Family Quartet and where Little Edoardo and Olga were married. In their honor, the town celebrates the Romano Wedding as one of it's holidays.

In August, Portallini celebrates Neptune's Feast, where the townsfolk celebrate their love of seafood with festivals and feasts throughout the month.

The city is represented at Griller Stadium by the Portallini Gondoliers baseball team. But while the city does not celebrate Baseball Season like Frostfield, it does hold the Gondola 500, "the largest-drawing sporting event in the area" every September. [2]


The waterways, canals, and gondoliers of Portallini are reminiscent of the ones found in Venice, Italy.



  • Every building in Portallini has some ivy growing up the walls of it.
  • The holiday, Portallini Feast, was based off the food in the town.
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