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Papa's Pastaria
Restaurant Game
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Release Date December 9, 2013
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Papa's Pastaria is the 9th game in the Papa Louie's restaurant management series that was released by Flipline Studios on December 9, 2013. Doan and Utah are the default workers in the game, but players can create their own custom worker as well. The game is set in the town of Portallini, the hometown of the Romano Family. The winner of Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2013, Hope, makes her official debut as a customer in the game.

Customers can now choose either to wait in line (as they have in previous games) or now take a seat in the dining room. Players can now "hire" a second worker (Doan, Utah, or a second Custom Worker), to take orders from customers who choose to place their orders from the dining room. The game has four stations: Order Station, Cook Station, Build Station and Bread Station.


Become Portallini's primo pasta chef in Papa's Pastaria!

It's a destination wedding in the waterfront town of Portallini, home of Papa's Pastaria! You're in charge of Papa's newest restaurant, where you'll take orders, cook noodles, and add sauces and toppings to craft a perfect plate of pasta!


Little Edoardo asks Olga for her hand in marriage, to which Olga accepts. Doan/Utah/Custom Worker receives an invitation to their wedding in Portallini. After mailing the RSVP, he/she tries to reserve a hotel room on the Travel Trout website in Portallini in the spring, only to find that there are no rooms available. Changing the option to "any season", the site offers one room available at Papa's Pastaria. Happy to find the room available, Doan/Utah/Custom worker makes his/her choice. Immediately, the doorbell rings, and a package from Travel Trout is left at the doorstep. Upon opening the package, he/she sees that the box contains the Pastaria uniform, an employee manual, and an airline ticket from Burgerburgh to Portallini via Gondol-Air leaving IMMEDIATELY. Doan/Utah/Custom Worker then realizes that he/she has now been enlisted to work Papa Louie's newest restaurant, much to his/her dismay. 


The ending sequence for this game is at Rank 65. Papa Louie officiates the wedding ceremony of Little Edoardo and Olga, in front of family, friends, and many of Papa's customers in attendance.

New Features

  • A dining room. Some customers would want to go there, and another worker (Utah, Doan, or Custom worker), will help out by taking and bringing them their orders. This feature is unlocked "a few ranks in" (as quoted by Tony).
  • Holiday themed clothing.
  • Adjustable volume settings.
  • Separate music and sound effect buttons.
  • The end-of-day minigames will now show the amount of stars players have received (the number of prizes won) by winning the game. If all of the stars are filled, it means that the player has won all of the prizes available.


  • 10/23/2013: You're Invited! [1]
  • 11/05/2013: Papa's Pastaria is announced! [2]
  • 11/12/2013: The workers are revealed to be Doan and Utah, along with their uniforms! [3]
  • 11/19/2013Crystal is introduced as a sneak peek. [4]
  • 11/25/2013: Hope wins Kingsley’s Customerpalooza 2013 and is a new customer! [5]
  • 11/26/2013: The Dining Room is announced! [6]
  • 11/27/2013: Holidays are announced to be in the game! [7]
  • 12/02/2013: Sneak Peek: Stations. [8]
  • 12/03/2013: Sneak Peek: Clothing. [9]
  • 12/04/2013: Sneak Peek: New Station!: Bread Station. [10]
  • 12/05/2013: Launch day is announced: December 9. [11]
  • 12/09/2013: Papa's Pastaria is released! [12]


The workers are Doan, Utah and the Custom Worker. The standard worker's uniform consists of a white shirt, green bowtie, a hat with a green ribbon, black trousers or skirt with a green belt.




(Bold customers are closers)




  • Spaghetti (Start) (Pasta Classica)
  • Macaroni (Start) (Mac Attack)
  • Gnocchi (Unlocked with Taylor at Day 2) (Gnocchi Fan)
  • Ravioli (Unlocked with Prudence at Rank 14) (Ravioli Pro)
  • Fettuccine (Unlocked with Gino Romano at Rank 25) (Fettuccini Fan)
  • Bowtie (Unlocked with Foodini at Rank 34) (Formal Attire)
  • Penne (Unlocked with Carlo Romano at Rank 50) (Pass the Penne)
  • Radiatori (Unlocked with Vicky at Rank 54) (Radiatori Rush)


  • Papa's Marinara Sauce(Start) (Papa's Recipe)
  • Creamy Alfredo Sauce (Start) (Cream of the Crop)
  • Three Cheese Sauce (unlocked with Tony at Rank 2) (Cheese Please)
  • Garlic Basil (Unlocked with Mindy at Rank 24) (Garlicious)
  • Beefy Bolognese (Unlocked with Matt at Rank 45) (Beefy Blast)


  • Meatballs (Start) (Meatball Mania)
  • Mushrooms (Start) (Mushroom Master)
  • Chicken (Unlocked with Clover at Rank 3) (Chicken Champ)
  • Sausage (Unlocked with Penny at Rank 9) (Sausage Grinder)
  • Tomatoes (Unlocked with Olivia at Rank 15) (Tomato Topper)
  • Shrimp (Unlocked with Kayla at Rank 20) (Shrimp Server)
  • Clams (Unlocked with Mitch at Rank 29) (Shellfish)
  • Onion (Unlocked with Sarge Fan at Rank 35) (Onion Wrangler)
  • Prosciutto (Unlocked with Johnny at Rank 40) (Prosciutto Pro)
  • Fried Calamari (Unlocked with Captain Cori at Rank 49) (Side of Squid)
  • Green Pepper (Unlocked with Mayor Mallow at Rank 60) (Green Garnish)


  • Parmesan Cheese (Start) (Cheese Champion)
  • Grated Mozzarella (Unlocked with Sasha at Rank 4) (More Mozzarella)
  • Crushida Pepper (Unlocked with Big Pauly at Rank 10) (Explosion of Flavor)
  • Italian Seasoning (Unlocked with Bruna Romano at Rank 44) (Spice Blend)
  • Black Pepper (Unlocked with Hugo at Rank 55) (Freshly Ground)


  • Garlic Breadstick (Start) (Warm and Buttery)
  • Cheesy Bread (Unlocked with Timm at Rank 5) (Cheese Toast)
  • Foccacia (Unlocked with Alberto at Rank 13) (Grab a Slice)
  • Poppyseed Roll (Unlocked with Edna at Rank 30) (Poppy Pro)
  • Crescent Roll (Unlocked with Mandi at Rank 39) (Hot and Flaky)
  • Pepperoni Bread (Unlocked with Franco at Rank 59) (Pepperoni Pro)

Holiday Ingredients

Holiday Rank/day Ingredient Picture
Logo-Chilifest.png Rank 6
Day 2
Rank 7
Rank 8
Rico's Chili
Chili Pepper
Cheddar Cheese
Chilifest toppings.png
Summer luau logo.png Rank 11
Day 2
Rank 12
Rank 13
Pineapple Pancetta
Lemon Herb
Glazed Ham
Summer luau toppings (pastaria).png
Starlightjubilee logo2.png Rank 16
Day 2
Rank 17
Rank 18
Rocket Ragu
Provolone Stars
Blue Cheese
Starlight jubilee toppings (pastaria).png
Logo-Neptune's Feast.png Rank 21
Day 2
Rank 22
Rank 23
Crab Mezzelune
Venetian Vongole
Creole Rub
Neptune's feast toppings.png
Logo-Gondola 500.png Rank 26
Day 2
Rank 27
Rank 28
Hurry Curry
Fried Ravioli
Garlic Rush
Gondola 500 toppings.png
Halloween logo.png Rank 31
Day 2
Rank 32
Rank 33
Purple Pesto
Cauldron Powder
Halloween toppings (pastaria).png
Thanksgiving logo.png Rank 36
Day 2
Rank 37
Rank 38
Pumpkin Pomodoro
Harvest Tortellini
Roasted Turkey
Crushed Croutons
Thanksgiving toppings (pastaria).png
Christmas logo.png Rank 41
Day 2
Rank 42
Rank 43
Festive Rotini
Roasted Romana
Yule Spice
Basil Leaf
Christmas toppings (pastaria).png
New year logo.png Rank 46
Day 2
Rank 47
Rank 48
Midnight Marsala
Rainbow Gramigna
Cheese Cubes
Rainbow Peppercorn
New year toppings (pastaria).png
Valentine's Day Logo.png Rank 51
Day 2
Rank 52
Rank 53
Heartbeet Arrabbiata
Spiced Saffron
Cherry Tomato
Valentines day toppings (pastaria).png
Stpaddy logo.png Rank 56
Day 2
Rank 57
Rank 58
Zesty Pesto
Lucky Dust
St. patricks day toppings (pastaria).png
Logo-Romano Wedding.png Rank 61
Day 2
Rank 62
Rank 63
Cathedral Carbonara
Fiori Risoni
Bouquet Blend
Pickled Eggs
Romano wedding toppings.png


(New Holidays in Bold)


Rank Number Rank Name Total XP (+1,800 per Rank after Rank 11) Payday increase (+$5 each rank) Unlocks
1 Newbie Start/0 $100
2 Trainee 300 $105 Tony, Three Cheese Sauce
3 Pasta Cooker 750 $110 Clover, Chicken
4 Chicken Buddy 1,350 $115 Dining Room, Sasha, Grated Mozzarella
5 Mozzarella Master 2,100 $120 Timm, Cheesy Bread
6 Bread Slicer 3,000 $125 Rico, Chilifest, Rico's Chili
7 Chili Champ 4,050 $130 Peggy, Chili Pepper
8 Pepper Picker 5,300 $135 Wendy, Cheddar Cheese
9 Cheddar Grater 6,600 $140 Penny, Sausage
10 Sausage Grinder 8,100 $145 Big Pauly, Crushida Pepper
11 Pepper Bomber 9,750 $150 Chuck, Summer Luau, Shells
12 Shell Server 11,550 $155 Nevada, Lemon Herb
13 Lemon Zester 13,350 $160 Alberto, Focaccia, Glazed Ham
14 Ham Champion 15,150 $165 Prudence, Ravioli
15 Ravioli Buddy 16,950


Olivia, Tomatoes
16 Tomato Slicer 18,750 $175 Boomer, Starlight Jubilee, Rocket Ragu
17 Ragu Rocketeer 20,550 $180 Pinch Hitwell, Provolone Stars
18 Star Server 22,350 $185 Kingsley, Blue Cheese
19 Blue Cheese Buddy 24,150 $190 Maggie
20 Focaccia Fan 25,950 $195 Kayla, Shrimp
21 Shrimp Server 27,750 $200 Wally, Neptune's Feast, Crab Mezzelune
22 Mezzelune Master 29,550 $205 Bertha, Creole Rub
23 Croele Hero 31,350 $210 Tohru, Anchovies
24 Anchovy Expert 33,150 $215 Mindy, Garlic Basil
25 Basil Buddy 34,950 $220 Gino Romano, Fettuccine
26 Fettucine Fan 36,750 $225 Nick, Gondola 500, Hurry Curry
27 Curry Buddy 38,550 $230 Scooter, Fried Ravioli
28 Ravioli Frier 40,350 $235 Trishna, Garlic Rush
29 Garlic Guru 42,150 $240 Mitch, Clams
30 Clam Champ 43,950 $245 Edna, Poppyseed Roll
31 Poppyseed Pro 45,750 $250 Willow, Halloween, Vermicelli
32 Vermicelli Vet 47,550 $255 Kenji, Cauldron Powder
33 Cauldron Stirrer 49,350 $260 Professor Fitz, Mussels
34 Mussel Master 51,150 $265 Foodini, Bowtie
35 Bowtie Buddy 52,950 $270 Sarge Fan, Onions
36 Onion Wrangler 54,750 $275 Hank, Thanksgiving, Pumpkin Pomodoro
37 Pumpkin Pro 56,550 $280 Sienna, Roasted Turkey
38 Turkey Topper 58,350 $285 James, Crushed Croutons
39 Crouton Champ 60,150 $290 Mandi, Crescent Roll
40 Crescent Roller 61,950 $295 Johnny, Prosciutto
41 Prosciutto Pro 63,750 $300 Santa, Christmas, Festive Rotini
42 Rotini Wrangler 65,550 $305 Lisa, Yule Spice
43 Yule Spicer 67,350 $310 Roy, Basil Leaf
44 Basil Buddy 69,150 $315 Bruna Romano, Italian Seasoning
45 Italian Fan 70,950 $320 Matt, Beefy Bolognese
46 Beefy Buddy 72,750 $325 Xandra, New Year, Midnight Marsala
47 Marsala Master 74,550 $330 Cecilia, Cheese Cubes
48 Cheese Champ 76,350 $335 Yippy, Rainbow Peppercorn
49 Peppercorn Peo 78,150 $340 Captain Cori, Fried Calamari
50 Calamari Fan 79,950 $345 Carlo Romano, Penne
51 Penne Pro 81,750 $350 Scarlett, Valentine's Day, Valentini
52 Valentini Vet 83,550 $355 Zoe, Spiced Saffron
53 Saffron Shaker 85,350 $360 Greg, Cherry Tomato
54 Cherry Tomato Pro 87,150 $365 Vicky, Radiatori
55 Radiatori Fan 88,950 $370 Hugo, Black Pepper
56 Black Pepper Buddy 90,750 $375 Georgito, St. Paddy's Day, Zesty Pesto
57 Pesto Expert 92,550 $380 Cletus, Broccoli
58 Broccoli Buddy 94,350 $385 Skyler, Lucky Dust
59 Lucky Duster 96,150 $390 Franco, Pepperoni Bread
60 Pepperoni Pro 97,950 $395 Mayor Mallow, Green Peppers
61 Green Pepper Guru 99,750 $400 Clair, Romano Wedding, Cathedral Carbonara
62 Carbonara Champ 101,550 $405 Mary, Bouquet Blend
63 Bouquet Catcher 103,350 $410 Little Edoardo, Pickled Eggs
64 Egg Pickler 105,150 $415 Olga
65 Wedding Crasher 106,950 $420 Papa Louie
66+ Better Than Papa! +1800 points for each Rank +$5 for each Rank Holidays all over again!

Mini Games


  • The location of Papa's Pastaria is in the city of Portallini.
  • One of the new customers is the 2013 Kingsley's Customerpalooza winner, Hope.
  • This is the first gameria where neither of the chefs debuted in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! nor Papa's Pizzeria.
  • This is the second gameria featuring a chef (Doan, Tony's friend) based on a real person.
  • This is the only gameria where the chefs' uniform comes with a tie.
  • More formal uniforms were chosen because they're working at a pasta restaurant in a classy town.
  • If you look closely in the intro, you seem to reside in Burgerburgh because of the plane ticket's Departure Town.
  • This is the first Gameria to implement the Dining Room, and the first gameria where you can hire help.
  • This is the first game to have a Cook Station and a Bread Station.
  • This is the second game where an item in the order needs to stay warm in order to receive a good score for the station.
  • This is the first game that will allow the player to adjust either the music OR the sound.
  • When all the sound is muted, the toaster in the bread station can still be heard and the ads will have volume.
  • This is the first Gameria since Hot Doggeria where the tutorial customer is not the other "chef."
  • This is the first gameria in which the other chef will be absent from the game if you pick custom server.
  • This is the first Gameria since Pancakeria where a customer was ever absent.
  • For some people, getting 100% on the building score turned out to be harder than Papa's Cupcakeria because of the sauce and toppings. However it's still possible and others are still able to get some perfects.
    • It should noted that Papa Pastaria is the first game that lacks any posters or furnitures that boosts the score for all holiday toppings and few other ingredients. Because of this, players are required a lot of extra effort on customers' orders when their favorite holiday is active.
  • Kahuna returns to his old position as closer after three games as a regular customer. Matt said that they had Kahuna as a closer in Papa's Freezeria HD, so it 'felt right' to have Kahuna as a closer. This caused a considerable amount of backlash among fans.
  • Santa visits only during the Christmas holiday and starts with a Silver Customer award. 
  • How the closers dress up as Halloween:
    • Deano: Astronaut
    • Kahuna: Tiki man
    • Crystal: Frankenstein's Wife (Cannoli is a devil)
    • The rest of the closers, who were also closers for Cupcakeria, dress up the same as they did that time.
  • If you look closely in the intro when Doan/Utah/Custom Worker look up the Pastaria on Travel Trout, you can see a link to terms and conditions which may explain the fact that you had to work for the Pastaria which the character does not click.
  • In the shop, in the Furniture and Wall/Floor tabs, when things are listed in holiday order, it starts from Valentine's Day to New Year, the order that Cupcakeria did, even though in this game it goes from Chilifest to Romano Wedding.
  • When the server enters the Order Station and activates the doorbell, it will ring with a soft, tinkling sound (sounding like: dinkading) but if a customer enters the station personally, the doorbell will make its usual sound (DRING-A-DING) characteristic of it since its introduction in Burgeria.
  • If the server is waiting to relay an order in line, he/she will not partake in entertainment devices (e.g. video games, tropical punch, bubblegum).
  • Two customers a day go to the dining room. They are the customer after the first one and the customer before the closer.
  • If the restaurant closes before any orders were taken, there will be a line of 3-5 customers. Once you take the order of the first person in the dining room, also the assistant, the assistant will come back again along with the closer. They will be in the same spot while walking for a few seconds.
  • The dining room customers don't seem to use any entertainment devices, but they'll still have the same speed of patience.
  • After Olga and Edoardo's wedding happens the player can view it again by clicking on the film camera icon after pausing the game, which is near the sound buttons.
  • You might notice that each closer orders a different bread (except Jojo) after all of them are unlocked.
    • Deano: Garlic Breadstick
    • Kahuna: Cheesy Bread
    • Quinn: Pepperoni Bread
    • Crystal: Foccacia
    • Radlynn: Poppyseed Roll
    • Xolo: Crescent Roll
  • If there's pasta in a colander, and after serving a customer while there's still pasta in a colander, and there's nothing else in the build station, then it will redirect to the order station.
  • This is the first gameria where there are more female customers than male customers.
  • If you listen closely to the parade music, it sounds extremely similar to the Marinara Rapids from Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!
  • On all of the holiday sauces, except Rico's Chili, the jar shape is the same as one of the 5 standard sauces.
  • The pattern of holiday ingredients is this: sauce, pasta, topping, shaker, then pasta, sauce, shaker, topping.
  • There is a design flaw with the game in which stirring and removing pasta exactly on time will still result in a cooking score no higher than 96%, and even lower if the player is late or early. This makes both the badges "Cooking Expert" and "Perfect!" impossible to earn. Complaints about this oversight have been minimal.
  • Both Co-Owners of Flipline are unlocked with a Sauce.
  • In St. Paddy's Day, the water becomes green in colour.
  • This is the only gameria where Papa Louie isn't appear in the intro.
  • This is the only gameria where Kahuna does not celebrate his favorite holiday, Summer Luau, but he still celebrates all of them and that holiday as a closer.