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Papa's Hot Doggeria
App Games

To Go!
Hot Doggeria To Go! icon.png
Release Date November 20th, 2017
Platforms Android


Cost $1.99 USD
$37.00 MXN
Promotional Website [1]
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Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Papa Louie Pals
App's Chronology
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Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Papa Louie Pals

Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go! is the ninth mobile game in the Papa Louie restaurant management game series. The app was first announced on October 24, 2017. And will be released on November 20, 2017.


Hey everyone!

It’s been very hard keeping this next reveal under-wraps for so long. For that reason, we are super excited to announce that for the first time ever, we will be releasing both Papa’s Hot Doggeria HD and Papa’s Hot Doggeria To Go at the same time!

That’s right, Papa’s Hot Doggeria To Go is coming to iPhones and Android Phones!!!


Serve seasonal stadium favorites on the go in this new version of Papa's Hot Doggeria, with gameplay and controls reimagined for iPhone and iPod Touch!

You'll need to multitask between four areas of the hot dog stand, with new controls designed to work just right in the palm of your hand. Head to the Order Station to take orders from your hungry customers in the lobby. Switch to the Grill Station to cook and flip juicy hot dogs and sausages. Move to the Build Station to add a variety of tasty condiments to your hot dogs. Jump to the Pop Station to pour delicious drinks and pop some fresh popcorn to complete the meal. Each station is a hands-on experience, where you'll need to drag, swipe, and tap your way through the hot dog crafting process.

Keep your customers happy to earn more points and level up. As your level rises, you'll unlock new toppings for the shop, and new customers will start visiting the hot dog stand! Well-crafted hot dogs will also earn you tips to spend in the Shop, and Mini-Game Tickets to use in the daily Mini-Game!

NOW WITH HOLIDAYS - You'll be serving seasonal hot dogs throughout the year in Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go! As you reach new ranks, the seasons and holidays in the game will change, unlocking holiday-themed buns, sauces, toppings, drinks, and popcorn. And don't worry when the air gets chilly and the baseball season comes to an end—Griller Stadium also hosts hockey games during the fall and winter for year-round excitement!


  • 10/24/2017: Sneak Peek: Hot Dogs on the Go! [2]
  • 11/01/2017: Sneak Peek: Moe! [3]
  • 11/07/2017: Sneak Peek: The To Go Stations [4]
  • 11/13/2017: Sneak Peek: Launching Next Week [5]
  • 11/20/2017: THEY'RE HERE: Papa's Hot Doggeria HD and To Go!!! [6]

Game Features

  • Hands-on hot dog shop in the Papa Louie universe
  • All new controls and gameplay designed for smaller screens
  • Multi-task between grilling, topping, drinks and popcorn
  • Earn and Master 40 unique Special Recipes
  • 12 separate holidays to unlock, each with their own ingredients
  • Buy upgrades, furniture, and posters using your in-game tips
  • Play 7 different Mini-Games using your earned tickets to win prizes
  • Decorate your shop in the Lobby Editor
  • 112 customers to unlock with unique orders
  • 108 in-game achievements


  1. Headbracket of Duke Gotcha.png Duke Gotcha (Tutorial)
  2. Headbracket of Wendy.png Wendy (After Tutorial)
  3. Headbracket of Wally.png Wally (Random)
  4. Headbracket of Mandi.png Mandi (Random)
  5. Headbracket of James.png James (Random)
  6. Headbracket of Olga.png Olga (Random)
  7. Headbracket of Taylor.png Taylor/Headbracket of Peggy.png Peggy (Random)
  8. Headbracket of Tohru.png Tohru (Time)
  9. Headbracket of Radlynn.png Radlynn (Time)
  10. Headbracket of Ninjoy.png Ninjoy (Time)
  11. Headbracket of Koilee.png Koilee (Time)
  12. Headbracket of Gremmie.png Gremmie (Time)
  13. Headbracket of Nevada.png Nevada (Time)
  14. Headbracket of Matt.png Matt (Time)
  15. Headbracket of Iggy.png Iggy (Time)
  16. Headbracket of Chester.png Chester (Time)
  17. Headbracket of Professor Fitz.png Professor Fitz (Time)
  18. Headbracket of Olivia.png Olivia (Time)
  19. Headbracket of Deano.png Deano (Time)
  20. Headbracket of Rita.png Rita (Time)
  21. Headbracket of Johnny.png Johnny (Time)
  22. Headbracket of Skyler.png Skyler (Time)
  23. Headbracket of Brody.png Brody (Time)
  24. Headbracket of Cameo.png Cameo (Time)
  25. Headbracket of Clair.png Clair (Time)
  26. Headbracket of Akari.png Akari (Time)
  27. Headbracket of Austin.png Austin (Time)
  28. Headbracket of Hope.png Hope (Time)
  29. Headbracket of Doan.png Doan (Time)
  30. Headbracket of Lisa.png Lisa (Time)
  31. Headbracket of Sarge Fan.png Sarge Fan (Time)
  32. Headbracket of Elle.png Elle (Time)
  33. Headbracket of Captain Cori.png Captain Cori (Time)
  34. Headbracket of Rudy.png Rudy (Time)
  35. Headbracket of Prudence.png Prudence (Time)
  36. Headbracket of Hugo.png Hugo (Time)
  37. Headbracket of Mary.png Mary (Time)
  38. Headbracket of Vicky.png Vicky (Time)
  39. Headbracket of Kingsley.png Kingsley (Time)
  40. Headbracket of Perri.png Perri (Time)
  41. Headbracket of Pinch Hitwell.png Pinch Hitwell (Day 2)
  42. Headbracket of Scooter.png Scooter (Rank 2)
  43. Headbracket of Greg.png Greg (Rank 3)
  44. Headbracket of Edoardo Romano.png Edoardo Romano (Rank 4)
  45. Headbracket of Shannon.png Shannon (Rank 5)
  46. Headbracket of Maggie.png Maggie (Rank 6)
  47. Headbracket of Hacky Zak.png Hacky Zak (Rank 7)
  48. Headbracket of Vincent.png Vincent (Rank 8)
  49. Headbracket of Mitch.png Mitch (Rank 9)
  50. Headbracket of Franco.png Franco (Rank 10)
  51. Headbracket of Nevada.png Nevada (Rank 11)
  52. Headbracket of Chuck.png Chuck (Rank 12)
  53. Headbracket of Alberto.png Alberto (Rank 13)
  54. Headbracket of Connor.png Connor (Rank 14)
  55. Headbracket of Kahuna.png Kahuna (Rank 15)
  56. Headbracket of Marty.png Marty (Rank 16)
  57. Headbracket of Indigo.png Indigo (Rank 17)
  58. Headbracket of Rico.png Rico (Rank 18)
  59. Headbracket of Boomer.png Boomer (Rank 19)
  60. Headbracket of Nick.png Nick (Rank 20)
  61. Headbracket of Zoe.png Zoe (Rank 21)
  62. Headbracket of Janana.png Janana (Rank 22)
  63. Headbracket of Trishna.png Trishna (Rank 23)
  64. Headbracket of Tony.png Tony (Rank 24)
  65. Headbracket of Steven.png Steven (Rank 25)
  66. Headbracket of Cooper.png Cooper (Rank 26)
  67. Headbracket of Emmlette.png Emmlette (Rank 27)
  68. Headbracket of Sue.png Sue (Rank 28)
  69. Headbracket of Hank.png Hank (Rank 29)
  70. Headbracket of Ivy.png Ivy (Rank 30)
  71. Headbracket of Allan.png Allan (Rank 31)
  72. Headbracket of Foodini.png Foodini (Rank 32)
  73. Headbracket of Robby.png Robby (Rank 33)
  74. Headbracket of Willow.png Willow (Rank 34)
  75. Headbracket of Rhonda.png Rhonda (Rank 35)
  76. Headbracket of Sienna.png Sienna (Rank 36)
  77. Headbracket of Ember.png Ember (Rank 37)
  78. Headbracket of Yui.png Yui (Rank 38)
  79. Headbracket of Timm.png Timm (Rank 39)
  80. Headbracket of Big Pauly.png Big Pauly (Rank 40)
  81. Headbracket of Santa.png Santa (Rank 41)
  82. Headbracket of Bruna Romano.png Bruna Romano (Rank 42)
  83. Headbracket of Moe.png Moe (Rank 43)
  84. Headbracket of Mayor Mallow.png Mayor Mallow (Rank 44)
  85. Headbracket of Cecilia.png Cecilia (Rank 45)
  86. Headbracket of Xolo.png Xolo (Rank 46)
  87. Headbracket of Crystal.png Crystal (Rank 47)
  88. Headbracket of Sasha.png Sasha (Rank 48)
  89. Headbracket of Edna.png Edna (Rank 49)
  90. Headbracket of Yippy.png Yippy (Rank 50)
  91. Headbracket of Scarlett.png Scarlett (Rank 51)
  92. Headbracket of Kayla.png Kayla (Rank 52)
  93. Headbracket of Roy.png Roy (Rank 53)
  94. Headbracket of Cherissa.png Cherissa (Rank 54)
  95. Headbracket of Carlo Romano.png Carlo Romano (Rank 55)
  96. Headbracket of Georgito.png Georgito (Rank 56)
  97. Headbracket of Julep.png Julep (Rank 57)
  98. Headbracket of Gino Romano.png Gino Romano (Rank 58)
  99. Headbracket of Clover.png Clover (Rank 59)
  100. Headbracket of Ripley.png Ripley (Rank 60)
  101. Headbracket of Cletus.png Cletus (Rank 61)
  102. Headbracket of Penny.png Penny (Rank 62)
  103. Headbracket of Wylan B.png Wylan B (Rank 63)
  104. Headbracket of Mindy.png Mindy (Rank 64)
  105. Headbracket of Papa Louie.png Papa Louie (Rank 65)


  1. Headbracket of Jojo.png Jojo (Sunday)
  2. Headbracket of Bertha.png Bertha (Monday)
  3. Headbracket of LePete.png LePete (Tuesday)
  4. Headbracket of Whiff.png Whiff (Wednesday)
  5. Headbracket of Quinn.png Quinn (Thursday)
  6. Headbracket of Kenji.png Kenji (Friday)
  7. Headbracket of Xandra.png Xandra (Saturday)


  1. Headbracket of Moe.png Moe
  2. Headbracket of Indigo.png Indigo


Mini Games








​Holiday Ingredients

Holiday Rank/Day Ingredients Picture
Cinco de Mayo-logo.png Rank 6
Rank 7
Rank 8
Rank 9
Rank 10
Bolillo Bun
Mango de Mayo
Enchilada Sauce
Cancha Corn
Fire Tortilla Strips
5 de Mayo-Hot Doggeria-Ingredients.png
Summer luau logo.png
Rank 11
Rank 12
Rank 13
Hawaiian Bun
Poppin' Coolada
Calypso Sauce
Stralight BBQ-Logo.png
Rank 16 Smoked Cheddar Bun
Rank 21 Campagrain Bun
Logo-Maple Mornings.png
Rank 26 French toast bun
Halloween logo.png
Rank 31
Thanksgiving logo.png
Rank 36
Christmas logo.png
Rank 41
New year logo.png
Rank 46
Valentine's Day Logo.png
Rank 51
Stpaddy logo.png
Rank 56
Rank 61



Special Picture Prize
Chicago Dog 100px
Chili con Queso 150% Points
Coney Dog
File:Conet Dog-0.png


+2 Ticket.png
Rico's Chili Dog 1.5x Coin.png
Rustbelt Weenie
File:Rustbelt Weenie-Logo.png


2x Coin.png
The Classic
File:The Classic.png


140% Points
Red Snapper 155% Points


Rank Name Total XP (+? each Rank after Rank ?) Payday increase (+$2.50 each rank) Unlocks
1 Newbie Start $75.00
2 Bun Buddy 300 $77.50 Scooter, Onions
3 Onion Wrangler 750 $80.00 Greg, Tomato
4 Tomato Slicer 1350 $82.50 Little Edoardo, Italian Sausage
5 Sausage Specialist 2100 $85.00 Shannon, Papa's Ballpark Mustard
6 Mustard Master 3000 $87.50 Maggie, Cinco de Mayo, Bolillo Bun
7 Bolillo Buddy 4050 $90.00 Hacky Zak, Mango de Mayo
8 Mango Manager 5250 $92.50 Vincent, Enchilada Sauce
9 Enchilada Expert $95.00 Mitch, Cancha Corn
10 $97.50 Franco, Fire Tortilla Strips
11 $100.00 Nevada, Hawaiian Bun
12 $102.50 Chuck, Poppin' Coolada
13 Poppin' Pie $105.00 Alberto, Calypso Sauce
14 14,700 $107.50


  • This game was developed at the same time as Papa's Hot Doggeria HD, and was released on the same day as well.
    • This marks the first time Flipline Studios released two games simultaneously.
  • This is the eighth app in a row in which Xolo appears as a regular customer instead of a closer.


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