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Alternative Styles
Olga B
Info Relatives
Gender Female
Flipdeck 38
Occupation Retired
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Olga is a female customer who made her first appearance in Papa's Pizzeria.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Tastyville
Occupation: Retired
Loves: Mushrooms
Hates: Stairs

Olga is a pizza loving lady from Tastyville. In her younger years, Olga was once crowned Miss Tastyville at the town’s annual beauty pageant. Lately, she has developed a crush on Little Edoardo, and dreams of one day being called Mrs. Olga Romano.


Olga has short white hair, wears a black hat, a black dress with three bronze buttons, and brown shoes with black laces and black soles. She also has a beauty mark. After marrying Edoardo Romano, she wears a black, red, white, and green dress. The dress has no buttons, but it has green trim. He hat now has a red flower. Her shoes are still brown with black soles, but now have green laces.


  • Her order in Pizzeria has the longest cooking time (being cooked for 45 min). She is also the only customer to order a pizza cooked for that long.
  • When you are in the Romano Wedding season in Papa's Pastaria, you will see a cutscene of Olga and Little Edoardo's marriage. The cutscene can be played anytime afterwards.
  • In Donuteria and onwards, her outfit is a little different. The outlines of her dress is green, there's red, white, and green ruffles on her dress, and she has a flower on her hat.
  • She technically is now a Romano since Papa's Pastaria, but in Papa's Donuteria, she is still referred to as 'Olga'.
  • She & Kayla both order no toppers in the Freezeria series (except in Papa's Freezeria To Go!).
  • She is unlocked a lot near Little Edoardo (Burgeria, Freezeria, Cupcakeria to Donuteria). She was also with him in the 2013 Valentine's Day photo.
  • In her Flipdeck, the picture of Edoardo she is holding is actually the picture used for his Flipdeck.
  • Young Olga's dress seems to be a palette swap of Kayla's original dress. Kayla's is pink, and Olga's is black.
  • In Cupcakeria/To Go/HD, she is the only customer whose favorite holiday is Christmas but does not to order Forest Green or Red Frosting.
  • She does not order mushrooms in Cheeseria.
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