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Alternative Styles Relatives
Gender Male
Flipdeck ---
Occupation Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Thanksgiving
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Nye is a customer who debuted in Papa's Wingeria To Go!. He's a fan-made customer selected by fans in Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2018, created by Zetsu.


Nye has light colored skin, along with short, bleach blond hair. He wears a backwards white baseball cap with pink, green, and blue splotches. Nye also wears a black belt, and a blue and pink collared plaid shirt with a blue bomber jacket. He wears navy blue pants and side shields glasses with pink and white lenses. Nye also wears blue shoes with pink laces and zigzags on the front, along with blueish fur.

Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2018

On his way to winning the sixth Customerpalooza, Nye received more votes than:

  • Jairo in Round 1 of the Truffleton U Division (3,443-2,858)
  • Azariah in the Truffleton U Semi-Finals (2,880-2,548)
  • Juliet in the Truffleton U Finals (2,900-3,477)
  • Mathias in the Final Four (4,038-2,888)
  • Ranulph in the Grand Finals (5,488-4,768)


  • Some dark green spots of paint on his hat were changed to blue and pink in the animated image as the winner. This was at the request of their creator, Zetsu, although this has not been completely fulfilled as they kept some green spots in the blue parts of their hat. [1]
    • Zetsu is also solicitous to change some details of the jacket (wrist and neck) with a fluffy/fur texture (similar to a detail of the shoes), but this has not been done. [2]
  • Zetsu confirmed that his character is of Korean nationality, so his Korean name would be "녜" meaning "yes", although that meaning is not grammatically correct.
  • He is the first confirmed LGBTQ customer of the Flipverse, it was confirmed by Zetsu.
  • Nye will be the 1st Customerpalooza winner to debut in an app.


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