The Mix Station is a station in Papa's Freezeria and the HD and To Go! versions, where the players blend the combined base, mixable, and syrup ordered by the customer to the specific blend (smooth, regular, or chunky) he or she chose when placing the order.

As you progress through the game some customers will start asking for chunkier mixables or smoother blend. The first requires that the sundaes spend less time under the mixers than regularly blended sundaes, which in turn the station where you leave larger pieces of the mixable item; and the second requires that the constructed dessert spend more time under the mixers than the regularly blended sundaes, which in turn breaks the mixable ingredient to smaller bits, resulting in a "smoother" dessert.

There are four blenders in the game, and players can buy boosters for this station to speed up the blenders. There are meters for each blender that come with the boosters. Pressing down on the booster (with the mouse) will cause the blender to "overheat." Once a blender overheats, it becomes inoperable (until the meter returns to normal) and the sundae may have to be moved to another blender.

In Papa's Freezeria To Go!, boosts are still available for purchase, but the blenders will not overheat when holding the button down (with finger or stylus).

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