Hi everyone!
I'm Luis Angel, and I am currently the head administrator/bureaucrat here. If you need any help here with anything, leave me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Have a good one! Remember to respect the rules of wikia. If you will report a rules violation, repot with him!
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  • Scooperia Deluxe Holiday Ingredients
    Hi Luis!

    As you can see in the image to the right, I have made a table for the holiday ingredients in Papa's Scooperia Deluxe on FFCW. However, for the customers, after seeing many pages here with headbrackets, I think it would look good if a headbracket of the customer was to the left of the customer name. For example, there would be a headbracket of Purp before the word "Purp."

    What program do you use to make the headbrackets? And how exactly do you make them?

    Thank you!

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    • The headbrackets that I use on FSF are on really many templates with the Title as a code (e.g. "LAL" for Luis Angel) and I created one for each customers and one each type of template (right, left, etc.).
      I inspired on the Wikipedia's Country Geodata, who makes the same (a country flag with the country name, like on my World Time Template of my profile, obviously Wikipedia have a bigger number of collaborators, so they can manage it.) and since they also can't use a program (since they also have one template per country and per type of template).
      That's the reason why I make it when FSF have a small number of customers, now we have more customers, and I was created a template per customer, but ultimately I can't have time to it, so I'm also very late to complete it.
      If you really want this idea you definitely need the help of all admins of FFCW, and expecting that FFCW have over 1320 customers I estimate that it could get aproximately 4-5 months if all works very good, or less if you got many help from the regular users, or more if only you make it.
      Also, I'm not counting the time that you will take to create a list of code who help you to make the template, easy to use and understood for all users, the codes not are necesary to create them, but it really will be more easier to manage and remember a specific customer. Use only three letters for the codes, since some customers only will have 3 letters on the name, and get the same number of letters on each template will be more easy to manage.

      Here are the majority templates who I can created with my available time for the FSF. If you click on edit you will see the codes of the templates that I regist. ("AKR" - Akari, "ABT" - Alberto, "ALN" - Allan, "AMY" - Amy, etc.)

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    • Got it! However, how do you separate the head from the rest of the body to create the actual image? I do not know how to do that.

      And I wasn't planning to do it will all 1300 customers, just around 100 in my game.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hola Luis!
    Hace ya mucho tiempo que no hablábamos pero pues quería pedirte un favor con respecto a un fan-made customer que recientemente cree. Al igual que tu Special Customer se llama Xavier, y pues me puse a cambiar todas las paginas en las que estaba escrito Xavier y cambiarlo a Xavier (Special Customer) para evitar las confusiones, entonces renombré la pagina de Xavier a Xavier (Special Customer) para poder crear el nuevo, pero ahora no me deja crearla porque me dice que Xavier ya existe y cuando voy a la pagina mee redirige a la del Special Customer. Así que me podrías ayudar con esto porfavor?
    Agradezco tu Ayuda!

    PD: A la próxima podrías agregar en la sección de Special Customers a Andy y a Thomas como Special customers?, es que estuve revisando las paginas de tus gamerias y aparecen como si fueran los míos.

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    • La razón es que obviamente, cuando renombraste el artículo, la página "Xavier" se transformó en una página de redirección, por lo que la página "Xavier" sigue existiendo aunque ya no esté el personaje allí, pués ahora es una página de redirección, y como es una página de redirección obviamente al acceder a ésta va a redirigirse a la página señalada para redirigirse, en este caso "Xavier (Special Customer)".

      Lo que se tiene que hacer cuando renombras una página, es eliminar la página de redirección que se creó al hacer el movimiento, ésto para permitir a otros poder utilizar ese nombre. Pero de eso me encargo yo.

      Dado que últimamente se han creado muchas páginas homónimas (con un mismo nombre), he decidido que todas las páginas de clientes con un mismo nombre tengan en el título al autor entre paréntesis, y la página con dicho nombre pero sin los parentesis se usará como desambiguación.
      Por esto, la página de tu personaje debe decir "Xavier (by PCF Steve4)", mientras que la página "Xavier" dirá "Xavier hace referencia a dos personajes" (el tuyo y el mío). Esto pronto lo haré, pero no sé bien cuando, ya que estoy algo ocupado, pero el problema con Xavier, lo haré pronto.

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    • ok, Gracias por tu Ayuda!

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    • ¡No hay de qué!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hola Luis, solo venía a preguntarte una cosa importante, ¿Tu sabés como se llama el nombre de la Letra Fuente que usa Flipline Studios? 

    Gracias por tu atención! 

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  • Hey, I thought, that  I would make a picture for your fan holiday. Do you think it's ok? Of course you can do your own :) 
    Fadish Fest by XLeo Parker
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  • felicidadades por las 1.000 paginas

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  • Hola Luís

    solo te iva preguntar algo sobre la idea de fusionar FFandom con FFCW, en mi opionion pienso que seria una muy buena idea.

    Animatronix045 Signature

    JK te explicara mas detalles

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    LuisAngel01 closed this thread because:
    22:33, February 24, 2019
  • Hello Luis!

    As you know, I am trying to reduce the number of Flipline fanon wikis so everyone can work together. For example, when PLFW merged with Flipline Fanfiction, that reduced the number of wikis to three: FFCW, FSF, and Flipline Fanfiction. But since PLFW separated, FFW will close, bringing it to three again: FFCW, FSF, and PLFW.

    However, Anthony, along with his cousins, have created yet another Flipline Fanon Wiki. ( I wondered this: Why doesn't he just edit on one of the existing three instead of creating his own? He's just bringing everyone else down. The Flipline fanon universe is now split into four small groups instead of one large group working together, which is what it should be.

    This is my idea:

    With the majority consent (over 50%) of all the users throughout the Flipline fanon universe (FFCW, FSF, PLFW, and Anthony's new wiki), we would impose a ban on the creation of new Flipline fanon wikis by existing users unless they have an extremely good reason to, and the validity of the reason would be decided by everyone. (for example, Fanofkinopio would not be allowed to create a new wiki, neither would Anthony, etc. unless they had a valid reason) 

    What do you think?

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    • After having a discussion with Anthony, he has decided to close his new wiki.

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    • Got it!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, Luis! Long time, no see. I messaging you due to the problem I am having with clean-ups. I have seen your wiki and honestly it looks great now! Many of the customers have clean-ups and it's spectacular. Would you mind telling me a way of how doing it? If yes, that would be great and if not, that's okay, I'll find the answers by myself. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you have a good day! :)


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  • Hi Luis!

    Currently, the wiki is split 50-50 about changing the name. You, me, along with most of the regular users have voted for yes. However, Fanofkinopio, Laundry Machine, and Jyappeul, three of the wiki's best staff members, have voted no.

    As a result, I asked those three to vote in another poll. You can see that none of them (although I'm still awaiting Benny's vote) will be extremely upset if the name is changed. 

    So, as a result, I think I am going to rename the wiki to Flipline Studios Fanon Wiki. Even though this may disappoint Fanofkinopio, Laundry Machine, and Jyappeul, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Although there are more disadvantages than benefits, the benefits are more powerful.


    • More users will join since they will be able to tell that other things besides customers are allowed
    • The wiki will see an increase of activity and may draw more users to the FCT19/20.
    • The wiki name will make us a "partner" of the Flipline Studios Wiki. For example, they're the Flipline Studios Wiki and we will be the Flipline Studios Fanon Wiki. This will also match our "partnership" to other franchises, such as the Star Wars Wiki and the Star Wars Fanon Wiki "partnership."


    • We will have to redirect all links to "Flipline Fan Customers Wiki" to "Flipline Studios Fanon Wiki"
    • We will have to rename all the "Flipline Fan Customers Wiki:____" pages to "Flipline Studios Fanon Wiki"
    • The views/activity of the wiki will likely decrease for a few weeks/months, but then it should increase to a higher level than it was before.
    • Pages such as the "Flipline Fan Customers Wikia Anniversary" holiday will now confuse users.
    • We will need to create a new wordmark (I've already asked someone to help with that)

    Please let me know if you see any more possible advantages or disadvantages before I make the final decision in the next few days. You've done this before with this wiki, so I want to make sure that I know every advantage and disadvantage beforehand.



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    • 4 of the disadvantages (1, 2, 4 and 5) not will affect anything, since the most of the users will know that the wiki got a new name (when FSF changed the name not affect to the community, since everyone knows that the wiki got a new name), the links problem will be solved by the FANDOM's Staff and Mods. And while the articles with the FFCW name are optional, if you want to remain or change the names from FFCW to FSFW will left for you.

      A new wordmark really not is a disadvantage, since only is a little change (at my opinion is a little change).

      In the cause of the 3 point, maybe can ocurrs, but maybe no. So, can be or no a problem. That's all!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Luis!

    I happened to check in on Papa Louie Fanon Wiki today, and I saw this recent blog post that Evan made.

    Long story short, Evan wants to separate Flipline Fanfiction and PLFW again.

    We might need to move the FCT19 to a different wiki because Flipline Fanfiction would just be an inactive wiki, (as almost all the active users there are from PLFW) and the tournament wouldn't fulfill it's goal of bringing the wikis together and boosting activity throughout the wikis. It would be better to move it to FSF or FFCW (in a few rounds) - since most of the users who vote in the tournament are users on FSF and/or FFCW.

    UPDATE: Evan has finalized his decision. As a result, all the PLFW users from Flipline Fanfiction are going to move back to PLFW very soon. I have notified all those users by message wall.

    Let me know what you think about the tournament.

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    • I am currently in the process of deleting all the PLFW pages from Flipline Fanfiction. All of those pages are already on PLFW, as not very many pages were created since the merge. So Flipline Fanfiction will go down, and PLFW will stay the same and grow normally. (like all wikis)

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    • Ok, I understood!

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    • A FANDOM user
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