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  • Hi Kirkburn!

    I'm the founder of this community Flipline Studios Fandom and recently I've noticed that User:DanielBitten has been editing my users' pages ([1]) and the of user JK55556 ([2]) in the community Flipline Fandom Wiki being that neither of us is a participant in that community, I also received the report by part of User:AnimatronixXD that he has also been taking pictures without permission from other communities and publishing them in his community. ([3], [4], [5], [6]) Recently, user JK55556 had left a message reporting this situation in the thread "Welcome!" of that community, however, was removed.

    We are all concerned about the purpose of the community in question, for that reason I am communicating with you from here.

    That's all for all! Thanks for taking the trouble to read this, and I sorry for any inconvenience caused!


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    • The topic of the message I sent that was deleted by DanielBitten is below:

      As well as what Luis mentioned above, DanielBitten also restored the Fandom Customers Tournament 2019 page and for the reason why he did it, he used inappropriate language directed at Kirkburn. DanielBitten deleted the page again not long after.

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