Maple Mountain is the town where Papa's Pancakeria is based. The Maple Mountain Flapjacks represent the city during the baseball season at Griller Stadium. Greasy Gear Garage, Wendy's shop located at the foothills of Maple Mountain.


  • Hank - The local highway patrol officer.
  • Johnny - An award winning lumberjack.
  • Wendy - A mechanic who repairs cars and motorcycles.
  • Yippy - A little girl who is a Cookie Scout.
  • Ember - Fire Captain of the Powder Point Fire Department. Moved to Powder Point.
  • Garret - Boss of The Midnight Gym™ and Maple Mountain Fit Frenzy Instructor.
  • Katy - A journalist that lives on the outskirts of Maple Mountain.
  • Diego - A Surfer that lives on the Maple Mountain beach.


  • All the locals of Maple Mountain have Flipdeck cards.
  • The residents of Maple Moutain celebrate a month long holiday called Maple Mornings, a holiday that is also celebrated in Powder Point, Toastwood, Frostfield and Tacodale.
  • Below Maple Mountain is the small town of Powder Point, where Papa's Donuteria is located.
  • During Christmas time, Johnny sells Christmas trees in the parking lot of the Pancakeria.
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