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Gender Male
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Occupation Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
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LePete is a male character who made his first appearance as a closer in in Papa's Pizzeria HD.


LePete has blonde hair and is wearing a coconut hat with a turquoise parasol. He wears a green shirt with a collar and yellow, cyan and green sleeves. On top of the green shirt he has a sky blue t-shirt with a whole body picture of Luau LePunch. He wears pink gloves. He also wears turquoise pants held up by a brown belt with a star and wears a pair of coconut shoes with black laces.


  • This is the second character who will debut in a HD game as a customer. And will be the third customer to debut in an app consecutively.
  • This is the first closer who will debut in a HD game as a customer.
  • LePete's design is based off of Luau LePunch, a boss from Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!.


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