Kigen Watanabe
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Alternative Styles
Kigen Style B
Style B
Info Relatives
Gender Male Gender Symbol Male Hikari (Younger Brother)
Raisu (Father)
Amai (Mother)
Akira (Best Friend)
Ryu (Friend)
Occupation Japanese Chef
Hometown Sakura Bay
Holiday Lucky Lucky Matsuri
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Sushi Expired Food

Kigen is a male customer, created by: Geillade12.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Sakura Bay
Occupation: Japanese Chef
Loves: Sushi
Hates: Expired Food

Kigen since he was a child, always wanted to participate together with his father in the family business, Raisu his father taught him everything necessary so that in the future he could participate, his grandfather was his inspiration to move forward since he gave the idea of ​​joining the family business, their customers are totally satisfied with their service and thanks to that Kigen have a very important position in the restaurant The Red Dragons.


  • This is the first Asian male customer created by Geillade12.
  • Its name Kigen comes from the word (起源) that means Origin.
    • This makes reference to that he is the first Asian customer of Geillade12.
  • His entire family, with the exception of his mother, works in the family business where he is a Japanese restaurant that he calls the Red Dragons.
  • is a rival to the White, Black and Golden Dragons.


Other Styles

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