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Alternative Styles
Joy B
Info Relatives
Gender Female
Flipdeck 168
Occupation Papa's Pizzeria Worker
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Joy is a female character who made her first appearance as the female worker in Papa's Pizzeria To Go!. In Papa's Sushiria, her secret identity was formally confirmed as the person behind the mask of Ninjoy.

Flipdeck Info

Joy is Papa Louie’s one and only niece. With his restaurants becoming increasingly popular, Joy decided to return to Papa’s Pizzeria to give her little brother a hand. Roy has fond memories of watching his big sister take part in local gymnastic tournaments. Joy even received a full scholarship to Frostfield University for her skills. However, she declined the offer and instead traveled to Sakura Bay, where she worked at random jobs around town for several years before returning home.


Joy wears the same worker uniform as her brother Roy: red shirt, blue jeans, brown belt, grey shoes with red laces, and a blue Pizzeria cap. She has brown hair set in pigtails.


  • She also becomes the first and so far only character to make her debut in an app game instead of the desktop games.She only appears on Papa's Sushiria
  • She and Ninjoy don't appear in the same games. This could be due to them being the same person.
  • Joy debuts in Papa's Pizzeria To Go!, but her first appearance on an online game is Papa's Sushiria.
  • Joy's Style B outfit in Papa's Sushiria is actually Ninjoy's original outfit.
  • In Papa's Sushiria, if you unlock Joy's Style B, Ninjoy, it says she debuts in Papa's Pizzeria To Go!, but she actually made her first appearance in Papa's Freezeria.
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