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Jill Berry
191 a
Info Relatives
Gender Female Gender Symbol Female Unknown
Flipdeck 191
Occupation Student
Hometown Neapolitown
Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown
Jill Berry is a Scoopian (Neapolitown inhabitant) in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!. Finding her requires the gliding skill.

Flipdeck Info

Jill Berry is a snippy teenage Scoopian from Neapolitown. She comes from the affluent Berry family who made their fortune during the early syrup boom. Jill has a sizable clique of friends who follow her all around school. The rest of Jill’s classmates try to avoid her in hopes of not being the target of her sarcastic insults. Jill is practically immune to detentions and demerits because her family has made sizable donations to the school. Nonetheless, the teachers and staff are silently counting down the days until Jill Berry finally graduates.


  • She is the last Scoopian to receive a Flipdeck card.
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