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Alternative Styles
Info Relatives
Gender Female Heather(Friend and Neighbour)
Occupation Hacker
Hometown Burgerburgh
Holiday New Year
Closer Unknown
Loves Hates
Hockey "Sweet and very very cute girls"

Hannah is a female customer, created by User:Aquaruss.


In her childhood Hannah dreamed of becoming a hockey player, as she very often watched on TV how they play, and she really liked it. In 5 years she went to the hockey section where she was the only girl in the team. She did not care, and Hannah played with boys in the team. Her team was pretty strong, and often won in tournaments, but after a few years, she moved to another city. Because of this, she could not remain in the team and she had to leave the team. After that she did not want play hockey, and often wanted to return back but to her friends. But six months later she adapted to the new house and the city and decided to return to hockey. This time she joined the women's hockey team. And immediately as she went to her first training session, she felt from her team mates hate and jealous, but she did not pay attention to them and played quietly with them. This anger was noticeable more and more. And one day in the locker room, all of her team-mates beat her, and at the same time insulted. Hanna did not understand why her beat, because she did not do anything to them. After this oh, she ran home and asked Father to leave the team. And since then she has not been hockey. At the age of 12 she moved to another school where the main subject was informatics. And after the first lesson she realized that she likes working with computers. She began to study different codes and solve complex puzzles. And after 2 years she began hacking different sites while remaining anonymous. And she noticed that it brings a lot of money, and started to hack mail and sites. After graduation she bought for her earned money an apartment and already p abortala tam.3 years later she met with Heather, with whom she made friends. Now they live together and sometimes for fun hacked web-pages