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Guy Mortadello
Guy Mortadello
Alternative Styles
Guy Mortadello B
Info Relatives
Gender Male Unknown
Flipdeck 188
Occupation TBA
Hometown TBA
Holiday TBA
Closer TBA
Loves Hates

Guy Mortadello is the main antagonist of Papa's Cheeseria/To Go! and Papa's Scooperia/HD/To Go!. He is the owner of Mortadello's Meat Pies, LTD and the "crabby chef" who stole Rudy and Scarlett's musical instruments in Cheeseria and Koilee/Carlo Romano's money and Oniontown souvenirs in Scooperia.

Flipdeck Info

Guy Mortadello was once the owner of the world’s largest restaurant chain, Mortadello’s Meat Pies. He was a pioneer in made-to-order meals. At the time, people had very few choices for fast food. Guy took advantage of this and baked pies made of the cheapest ingredients, rendering them barely palatable. That all changed when Papa's Pizzeria came along. As Papa Louie opened more and more restaurants, Guy slowly lost all his customers. His last remaining Meat Pie shop in Toastwood was put out of business by the delicious sandwiches of Papa's Cheeseria.




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