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Guppy Guard Express
Guppy Guard Express.png
Release Date October 7, 2006
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Game's Chronology
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N/A Meteor Blastor

Guppy Guard Express is the first game created by Flipline Studios. It was released on October 17, 2006.


Main Controls: Mouse

Moving the mouse back and forth will make the guppy move back or forth correspondingly slowly. Clicking and holding will make the guppy swim up. The player has to try to avoid rocks for as long as possible. The farther you get, the more points you get.

Flipdeck Info

See Guppy for Flipdeck Info.


  • The game was launched along with Meteor Blastor.
  • The guppy makes an appearance on a T-shirt that can be won in the Freeze-Putt mini-game in Papa's Wingeria.
  • You can buy this shirt in the shop in Papa's Hot Doggeria.
    • it's description is, "Show your love for the Guppy".
  • In Papa's Cupcakeria, the Guppy T-shirt is a prize in one of Foodini's mini games.
  • The gameplay is simillar to other endless "running" action games such as Temple Run and Flappy Bird.
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