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Alternative Styles Relatives
Greg B Cooper (older brother)
Gender Male
Flipdeck 23
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Greg is a male customer who first appeared in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!.

Flipdeck info

Hometown: Tastyville
Loves: Tomatoes
Hates: Homework

Greg is a fun-loving kid who lives in the apartments above Papa鈥檚 Pizzeria. As with other customers, Greg was held captive by Sarge in a gilded cage for many days. During that time, he observed dozens of wild-jumping tomatoes in the area. Greg studied them, taking detailed notes and sketches. After he was rescued by Papa Louie, Greg became the go-to kid for any and all tomato facts.


Greg is a young male customer with fair-skin tone with freckles and short brown hair. He wears a off-white and red shirt with red stripes in the middle, sleeves and collar, with a tomato on the left side. He also wears brown pants and a gray belt with a light brown buckle, and white shoes with red laces and brown soles.

In Pizzeria, Burgeria, and on his Flipdeck, he didn't have a tomato on his cap. In Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!, he had a blue cap very similar to Roy's cap. However, he currently wears a red and white cap with a green top and goofy-looking eyes.


  • His interest in tomatoes started from his time as a captive in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack. His orders will contain tomatoes when they are available.
  • In Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack, his style B outfit is the Tastyville Tomatoes uniform, continuing his interest in the red fruit.
  • In Donuteria Greg orders sprinkles on all three of his donuts, and no other topping (unless it's Valentine's Day).
  • He changed his hat after Burgeria, and again in Cupcakeria.
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