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Alternative Styles
Georgito B
Info Relatives
Gender Male
Flipdeck 40
Occupation Owner of Georgito's Palace
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Georgito is a male customer who made his first appearance in Papa's Taco Mia!

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Tacodale
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Loves: Steak
Hates: Lawyers

Georgito is a short yet savvy businessman who grew up in the small town of Tacodale. He acquired most of his wealth when he moved to Starlight City. There, he opened Georgito's Palace, which soon became one of the city’s most popular luxury hotel and pachinko parlor. Georgito still loves his hometown of Tacodale, and makes frequent trips back for his favorite steak tacos.


Georgito wears a dark pinstriped suit with a vest underneath. The vest is black with small white buttons and underneath that, there is a green dress shirt and a white tie. He has a silver-rimmed monocle on his left eye, and has sleek brown hair. He wears green dress pants and green shoes with black laces.

During St. Paddy's Day, he wears a green jacket and a green top hat with a golden band around it. His dress shirt and pants are now golden.


  • His avatar is loosely based on of one of Tony's friends. December 27, 2012: "George was always persistent about me making him a customer. Not only a customer but a wealthy customer."
  • He appears in the St. Paddy's Day promo picture along with Allan. The outfit he uses here is also avaliable in Papa Louie 2.
  • He will also arrive with a similar outfit in Cupcakeria during St. Paddy's Day. The only changes are that his pants and inside shirt are gold.
  • In Hot Doggeria, he is the only customer to order a medium Root Beer.
  • He is the only character who was absent in Pancakeria and not appear in the BRACKETS poster in the said game.
  • In Papa's Cupcakeria, there is a badge called 'Fancy' in which you have to serve Georgito, while wearing the Green Top Hat and the Monacle.
  • He carries a golden horseshoe during St. Paddy's Day in Papa's Donuteria.
  • He, Quinn, and Johnny are the only customers to order 9 of something in Wingeria.
  • Georgito's Style C in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! is his St. Paddy's Day outfit.

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