Geison Coa
Fanon Character

Alternative Styles
Geison Style B.jpg
Style B
Geison Style H.jpg
Style H
Info Relatives
Gender Male Gender Symbol.png Male Anthony (Friend),
Johan (Best Friend),
Tania (Mother),
Tairymar (Older Brother)
Gerson (Older Brother)
Occupation High School Student
Hometown Burgerburgh
Holiday Groovstock
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Music Animal Abuse

Geison is a male customer, created by: Geillade12.


Hometown: Tastyville
Loves: Music
Hates: Animal Abuse
Occupation: High School Student


  • He is the first male customer created by Geillade12.
    • And the first to be officially created.
  • He is the character who represents his creator Geillade12.
  • He also hates ground beef with rice.
  • He is the first customer created by Geillade12 that is based on a real life person.
  • His favorite color is Blue.


Other Styles

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