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In this wiki, you will see all the fans of Papa Louie and Flipline Studios come together.

Papa's Bakeria To Go!
Papa's Scooperia
Papa's Cheeseria To Go! Papa's Sushiria

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Top Article of the Month

Papa's Freezeria is the fourth game in the Papa Louie's restaurant management series that was released by Flipline Studios on August 5, 2011. Alberto and Penny are the default workers in the game. Read More...

Papa's Next Chefs 2020
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Special Next Chefs 2020
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Ultimate Fandom Championship
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Halloween Crown Classic
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Top Customer of the Month
Papa Louie
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Papa Louie is a lovable Italian chef who got his start selling delicious pizzas. He has a legion of fanatic customers who are willing to try anything Papa Louie has to offer. Whether it’s free pizza parties, or the keys to his latest restaurant, Papa Louie is always trying to reward his loyal customers! Read More...

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