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Alternative Styles
Deano B
Info Relatives
Gender Male
Flipdeck 127
Occupation Gondolier
Hometown Unknown
Holiday Unknown
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Loves Hates
Unknown Unknown

Deano is a male customer who made his first appearance as a closer in Papa's Pastaria.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Portallini
Occupation: Gondolier
Loves: Gnocchi
Hates: Barnacles

Deano grew up in the seaside town of Portallini. In high school, he worked at the boat docks where he cleaned and repaired gondolas. He was mentored by the late, great gondolier, Maximo Del Mare. After years of practice, Deano became an official gondolier. Though not the best singer, he can whistle like a bird. His enchanting melodies can be heard echoing through the canalways as he guides the locals around town.聽


Deano is a male with short black slick hair and wears a light brown gondolier hat with a red ribbon wrapped around it. He wears a white and blue striped shirt, black pants with a red ribbon belt, and white shoes with blue laces. Deano also has black eyebrows, and his hat is tilted.聽


  • Deano appears on his gondola at the start of each day in Papa's Pastaria.
  • Deano dresses up as an astronaut for Halloween.
  • Deano appears in the Grab-a-Roni Gondola minigame.
  • Deano is the only male customer who debuted in Pastaria.
  • Deano is the third customer to debut as a closer in one game, become a regular customer the next, and then return in a later game as a closer again (Kahuna and Hank聽are the others).
  • When Deano leans down to grade his order, the ribbon on his gondolier hat stays erect and tilts along with him, rather than staying straight and down as it would in real life.
  • In Cupcakeria To Go! / HD, he always orders the cake featured during the holiday.
  • He is the only Portallini local to favor Portallini Feast.
  • In Sushiria, he always orders holiday themed sauce, and holiday filling on holidays which are unlocked on rank which ends on 1 (11, 21...)
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