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Custom Worker
First Appearance in Papa's Wingeria

Custom Workers in Bakeria.png
Occupation Worker
Gender Male or Female

A custom worker is a user-created character that the player can design and utilize as a worker in place of the default workers in the games. The ability to select a custom worker was first used in Papa's Wingeria.                                                                              

How to use

Players can select a custom worker's hair, eyebrows, eyeshadow, skin color, glasses, eyes, mouth, gender, and name.

The custom worker starts out with the Gameria's uniform at first, but can win or purchase clothes later on. After a custom worker is created, the player is still able to change the worker's hair and other appearances as they wish.


  • If your custom worker is male, the female chef will be your customer (ex: Mandi - Wingeria), and if your custom worker is female, the male chef will be your customer (ex: Chuck - Wingeria).
    • Beginning with Papa's Pastaria however, regardless of the gender of the custom worker, neither regular worker will appear as a customer in the game. This is because when selecting the server, players can still select one of the default workers or another custom worker.
  • On the Flipline Studios Blog, it's confirmed that people have designed over 5,000,000 custom workers.[1]
  • In every game, new hairstyles for the custom worker are added.
  • With the introduction of holidays in Papa's Cupcakeria, custom workers have holiday hats. Starting with Papa's Pastaria, holiday clothing is marked as such, and the server and the regular worker can wear the same clothing.
  • Papa's Cheeseria was the first to have a color changing option on clothing.
  • Papa's Pizzeria, Burgeria, Taco Mia, Freezeria and Pancakeria are the only games not to feature the Custom Worker option. Aside that, the Custom Worker option has been updated in Papa's Freezeria and Taco Mia HD!