A Closer is a special type of customer who is very picky that comes at the end of the day. Closers made their first appearance in Papa's Taco Mia! Each closer is scheduled to come in on the same day every week. Starting Papa's Freezeria, the closer who appears on Mondays is a local of wherever the Gameria takes place. Closers have always liked every holiday since its introduction in Papa's Cupcakeria.

Here appear the list of games in this wikia:

List of Closers on Flipline Games

Papa's Taco Mia!/HD/To Go!

Papa's Freezeria/HD/To Go!

Papa's Pancakeria

Papa's Burgeria HD/To Go!

Papa's Wingeria

Papa's Hot Doggeria

Papa's Cupcakeria

Papa's Pastaria

Papa's Donuteria

Papa's Wingeria HD

Papa's Pizzeria To Go!

Papa's Cheeseria

Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!

Papa's Cupcakeria HD

Papa's Bakeria

Papa's Sushiria

Papa's Pizzeria HD

List of Closers on Fandom Games

Papa's Cocktaileria

Papa's Flaneria

Papa's Crêperia

Papa's Cocktaileria HD

Papa's Molleteria

Papa's Fryiria

Papa's Skeweria

Papa's Rolleria

Papa's Corn Doggeria

Papa's Milkshakeria

Costumed Closers

Since holidays were introduced in Papa's Cupcakeria, the closers dress up in costumes during the Halloween season (Except in Fryiria).

Papa's Cupcakeria

Papa's Pastaria

Papa's Donuteria

Papa's Cheeseria

Papa's Bakeria

Papa's Taco Mia HD

Papa's Sushiria

Papa's Pizzeria HD

Fan Closers


  • Quinn and Jojo have both been closers since Papa's Taco Mia!
  • Upon seeing a closer coming in, the "Take Order" button and talk bubbles will be red and zaggy, and their names will have a red highlight.
  • There are often three male (excluding Jojo, since he is the Food Critic) and three female closers in each game since closers were first introduced. The only exceptions are in Papa's Burgeria HD/To Go!, where there are four male and two female closers.
  • Closers never go to the dining area nor seen joining any of the regular customers.
  • Closers do not appear in the Customer Cravings mini game.
  • The first closer to appear on Day 2 is always a local, with the exception of Robby in Papa's Taco Mia!/HD.
  • Closers don't order specials.
  • In Papa's Bakeria, Mayor Mallow and Rhonda are the only closers to have stickers:


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