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Alternative Styles
Info Relatives
Gender Male
Flipdeck 61
Occupation Hockey Player
Hometown Tastyville
Holiday Unknown
Closer Tacomia mini thumb Burgeria HD logo Burgeria To Go! logo Taco Mia! HD logo
Loves Hates
Nutty Butter Cups Bullies

Allan is a male customer who first appeared in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!.聽

Flipdeck Info

Allan was happy living in Tastyville, but during high school, he had to move with his parents to the dingy streets of Oniontown. Being the new kid, Allan got picked on by the hardened students of Oniontown High. He always stuck up for himself, even if it meant a black eye or a chipped tooth. When Allan graduated, he moved back to Tastyville. His friends were happy to see Allan, but Oniontown had definitely changed him.


Originally, Allan wore a green polo shirt, blue jeans, and black and grey shoes. His hair was spiked in the front and he had short eyebrows. Since his return in Taco Mia, he wears a white shirt, green jacket, blue jeans, and shoes with green laces. Allan's hair is now styled into a pompadour and he has grown sideburns. He has a unibrow and a missing tooth.


  • He along with Robby were absent in Papa's Burgeria. However, they appear in the HD and To Go versions as closers.聽
  • In Papa's Bakeria, His Style B it's his hockey suit.聽
  • He is one of the few customers who make their debut in a game as a normal customer and then a closer in another, alongside聽Ninjoy,聽Akari,聽Radlynn and聽Robby.聽
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