A night at the opera
Fandom Holidays
Month of Celebration September
Unlocked with Carlo Romano (Cocktaileria)
Allan (Flaneria)
Duke Gotcha (Crêperia, Cocktaileria HD and Molleteria)
Holiday's Chronology
Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Portallini Feast (Cocktaileria)
Eurochoice (Since Flaneria)
Halloween (Cocktaileria and Flaneria)
Grōōvstock (Crêperia, Cocktaleria HD and Molleteria)

A night at the opera is a holiday that are celebrated in Papa's Cocktaileria, Papa's Flaneria, Papa's Crêperia, Papa's Cocktaileria HD and Papa's Molleteria.

Customers who favor this holiday


  • During A night at the opera, if you have headphones on and have a Jukebox in the lobby, you can hear the 6 albums of Hooked on Classics; at a rate of x1.4, in low volume when you have activated sound effects and music of the game, but if you turn off these, the music will be stronger. Besides you can change songs if you click on the buttons of next or previous of the Jukebox.
  • A night at the opera is the annual concert of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London, which involves the participation of other orchestral groups and / or music, as the Philharmonic Orchestra of Culiacan, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Cleveland Orchestra, etc. Music mixed gender swing, house, potpourri style, etc. The album Hooked on Classics, is an example of this music.
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